Sol Kadhi! Make your own in just 5 Minutes!

Sol Kadhi! Make your own in just 5 Minutes!

Sol kadhi! A Soul Mate for summer!

The ideal accompaniment for all Goan/ Konkani / Malvani or even most of the Maharashtrian meals! A refreshing and digestive drink! Forget the hassle of making solkadhi from scratch! Just use this recipe and make your own solkadhi in just 5 minutes! 


1/4th cup of Kokam Agal / Kokam Juice

1 Can of 400ml TCC Premium Coconut Milk 

1 Inch Fresh Ginger

1 Green Chilly 

Fresh Coriander Leaves

Salt as per Taste

Roasted Cumin Powder (Optional)

Pinch of Sugar (Optional)

Method : 

1.Finely grate 1 inch of fresh ginger. Add this grated ginger in 1/2 cup of water and keep aside for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, strain this water. This will give the 'Ginger flavoured Water'. You can discard the squeezed ginger.

2. Take 400ml of TCC Premium Coconut Milk in a pot. Add equal amount of water. Add 1/4th cup of Kokam Agal/ Kokam Juice in it. 

3. Add 'Ginger Flavoured water' to the above mixture. 

4. Add Salt, chopped fresh coriander leaves, slit fresh green chilly. 

5. You can also add sugar or roasted cumin powder as per your taste. But this is optional. 

6. Serve chilled!

Note- All the above ingredient measurements can be altered as per your taste. 

Easy recipe! Ready in just 5 minutes! 

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