Ragi or Nachni or Finger Millet!

AKA 'Poor Man's Food'! This humble poor man's food can make your body really very rich with loads of health benefits! Unfortunately this super-food is often 'not so picked up' in the grocery list. Ragi is available in many stores mostly in form of flour. It can be consumed in multiple ways. One can make Ragi porridge with milk and sugar, Ragi bhakri or roti, Ragi Dosa, Ragi Idli and many other recipes. So check these awesome things Ragi brings to you! You might pick this up in your next shopping! 

  • My Bones Are The Strongest! 

Bones. Yes, the very support of our body. What keeps them strong? Of course Calcium and Vitamin D. And for that, we take 'Calcium and Vitamin Tablets'.  In reality, there is NO plant source that can come even closer to Ragi when it comes to Calcium and Vitamin D! Loaded with this vital combo, Ragi is all you need to keep away Osteoporosis and creaky joints! 

  • Highly nutritious for babies and young children

Ragi shows amazing effects in children's immune boosting. And hence even today, Ragi Malt or Nachani Satva is given to babies and young kids as a nourishing food in as early as 6 months age! Traditionally preparing Nachni Satva is a very long process. Now a days, one can easily find ready to cook Nachni Satva in stored around. It is very easy to digest and highly effective for strengthening the bones in babies in young kids. 

  •  Weight Loss

Tryptophan, a special amino acid present in Ragi, helps in curbing or restraining the appetite. Not only this, but being the grain with highest amount of fibre, Ragi keeps you full for a longer time too! Very low in unsaturated fats, Ragi is an excellent option for breakfast for weight watchers! 

  • Reduces Cholesterol

Super food Ragi is proven to control the cholesterol level by reducing plaque formation and preventing blockage of blood vessels. Thus, reducing the risk of stroke and other heart diseases. Two key amino acids in Ragi, Lecithin and Methionine, extract excess fat from liver and another important amino acid, Theonine prevents fat formation in liver. Ragi will keep your heart younger for years together! 

  • Treats Anemia 

Ragi, when consumed in the form of sprouts, nourishes the body with plenty of Iron! It helps in increasing blood formation in people suffering from Anemia. Sprouted Ragi also contains vitamin C that makes the Iron absorption easier.

        The list can go really long! Helps increase in lactation, high in fibre, controls blood sugar level, natural relaxant are some more to be added! This tiny red ball is a treasure of abundant health benefits! So make sure you pick this SuperFood up in your next shopping! 


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